ADoré was born in January 2014, in the city of Montreal by it’s genitor Aurélien Doré.

The story started in 2007 when a young glass-blower leaves France in order to continue his journey on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. His first stop was Chicoutimi where he took a year to search inspiration. The wind of destiny transported him on the island of Montreal where everything began.

In 2010, in Montreal, his career jumped forward with the collective exposition Colors directed by Laura Donefer that took place in Florida at the Hodgell Gallery. Afterward, Aurélien Doré teamed up with the montrealer designer, Dimitri Chris, on the creation of a suit for the Glass Fashion Show directed by Philippe Dubuc and Laura Donefer. This event is the starting point of a new fashion: the glass bow tie.

In his rising recognition, some New-Yorker’s press like Glass Quarterly magazine&blog published many articles about the fashion show Verre Couture. Within the same year, galleries and shops, like Corning Museum of Glass of New York, and Hodgell Gallery of Florida, were displaying his collection all over North America.

The talented and always changing Aurélien assists Annie Cantin, Carole Frève and Catherine Labonté in various projects. Arround the same time, Aurélien creates a new fashion wave that was lunched with his new collection entitled Close to me. It’s aspect more intimate was the product of love, and was never meant to be commercialised… This art piece will cause a major change in the orientation of ADoré. Geek, Glass & Glamour will now be the rule for any of Aurélien Doré’s collection more oriented around night life. Geek, for the love of modernity, Glass, for it’s transparency and authenticity, and Glamour for when you need to be at you’re best.

Our vision is to follow our increase by our produce’s growth in the commercial areas connected with fashion, we look after galvanize a complete range of different services every day through our website, the monitoring of collections, an easier purchase, the promptness in the dates of the deliveries, together with the after-sales service.

We commit to showing demands as regards ethics, aesthetics and originality.

We design, produce and sell bow ties in blown glass. Our duty is to create a relevant connection between art and fashion crafts, having to make an high-quality precious item.

 All our collections are limited, intimate and sometimes symbolic with lifetime’s memorable events.